Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jonze Color

So, I've been scanning old comics and drawings. I was scanning an old Frankenstein Jonze comic I did. I was gonna leave it black and white, so I could print it up. But then I got to this page, and I couldn't resist. So now, I gotta go back to the other pages and color those. So... fun?
Anyway, yeah, I'm gonna post the comic pages up on my website later on, maybe daily or weekly.
They may look kinda weird, cause I did the pages with the black and white in mind. Oh well, an experiment is always fun.
This is just the colors, you won't see the lines until the pages are posted.
Looking back on the story, it's not the greatest. But, I'm on this thing where I figure, 'why not', and I'm just gonna publish and post. Letting all my flaws out there, and just moving on. Do the work, scars and all, and just focus on getting better.
I have sooooo much unpublished stuff, so there is a lot stuff up coming.

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