Thursday, January 20, 2011

Abstracto comic!

here is a one page comic i did. sorry for the crappy stitching, gotta run!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things to come

School starts in a week. Pretty excited, closer and closer to associates. ugh. Ah well.

Went down town yesterday, the plan was to go venture into adventure, but it was wet and rainy. Also, our 1st destination was the antique mall, so we spent all our time there. Got me some sweet vintage cameras to add to my collection. I've been wanting to get pictures of buildings so i can do real looking locations, a la Scott Pilgrim. But this is also trying to get to the next step of where I need to be.

For this year I've set a few goals for myself. The ETSY store being one, making a few zines is the second, and trying to get a new art show over at blue star. This is all on top of the goals that have been previously set such as finally graduating & getting my portfolio done. This year is full of awesomeness!

On tonights agenda is to make the banner for my ETSY store, and work on a few comics. Listening to Ink Studs is really inspiring and makes me just want to do comics all day. It's a great show. It is pretty comic book nerdy though, so yeah, it's fuckin' awesome! Right now i'm in a Starbucks attempting to write. We'll see how that goes. ok, enough talking. Back to work!!!!!

Lady Paintings... and beyond!

Oh me, oh my. Lets see. I did a some new paintings for my friends, here are a few:

I've been working with ink & brush a bit more, and liking the results. My comic pages have been coming along, liking where that's been going. still trying to set up my ETSY store, but think i'm gonna wait till i get photo shop. soooooon, my minons... sooooon!
ok, thats it for me!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

...For your consideration.

Natalie Portman is currently on every ones Buzz list. For good reason too, her portrayal in 'The Black Swan' was amazing. But thinking about her past roles & what i've seen her in, all of her performances are great. 'Garden State' ( a movie many think overrated. not me.) was a fun quirky role. She killed it in 'Closer'. That movie in general was brutal but amazing. 'V for Vendetta': BAM! Another great performance. Her and Jason Shwartzman's scene in 'Darjeeling Limited is my favorite thing about that movie, after the breif Bill Murray part. Plus, she's the presidents daughter in 'Mars Attacks!', forgot about that, huh?

Her roles are never the same, and she doesn't play the same character. she has a virsitility that some of her peers don't have. She's not all about celebrity, and likes to keep her private life, well, private. She is on the road to becoming one of the best actors of her generation, if she's not there already. Coming up on her plate are Three very different movies; a rom-com with Ashton Kutcher, a period comedy from the pinapple express crew, and Muthah Fuckin'THOR! I'm ready and awaiting awesomness all around.

So, in closing: Natalie Portman = GOOD. GoGoGo see Black Swan!