Wednesday, October 22, 2008

barbarella is swella

years keep on going by faster and faster. that suuucks. oh well.
currently i've been an art machine. plus a whole bunch of ideas for future projects. i suppose i always have ideas. some better than others. anywhoo, i just bought barbarella on dvd. its such a visual masterpiece that i belive i'll do some works based on it. plus i belive i will try something diffrent this time. i was thing of doing collage. i've done it once before, and it was ok. this time i belive i can push it a bit further, than previously. at least i hope.
gonna try to keep updating more often.

anyway, the idea is to do diffrent barbarella outfits all collaged from whatever i can find. should be neat, fun, and annoying all in one.
ok, till next time, peace out boy scout!