Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pages in Progress

ah, works in progress. this is a random page of my Frankenstein Jonze comic. i think i'm just gonna do this one in the mighty marvel way. where i draw the thing first, then fill in dialog and captions. probably be three or so pages. the fun of these is not knowing where they're going.... however, the other side is not knowing how its gonna finish. anyway, there ya go.

Monday, September 20, 2010

My painting that did at Olmos Perk on Friday. came out pretty good. i do wish that the background was a bit more detailed and multi colored, but it kinda works. anyway, the goods out weigh the bads, and that's the facts of life....or something.ok, laterzzzzzz.

Friday, September 17, 2010

werewolf women

been working on some more art stuff. getting in the groove (as lame as THAT sounds.)the idea for the above piece came pretty quickly and was executed fairly quickly too. i would have been doent that night, but had to go to work. anywhooo.
I still need to see Machete to bask in its mexploitational glory (side note: mexploitation is a damn fine word.) not to mention the expendables. sigh, so many bad movies so little time. DannyTrejo is one of those actors where any time he's in a movie you just smile a bit. In Predators he was one of the best parts. The best part being Laurence Fishburns.
Thiking i'm gonna make my halloween costume this year. i have an idea floating around in my head, but we'll see if i have the time or the skill to execute it.
Tonight i'll be doing some live art while my friends DJ at a local coffee shop, Olmos Perk. not sure what i'm gonna paint yet, but i'll figure it out.
ok, enough rambling, gotta go.
ah, but before i do, i'll leave this video up. It's from Of Montreal, and their new single "Couquet Couquete" the whole album is good, you should check it out.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Disney as a cohesive universe

yeah so, i've been thinking lately about the disney animated movies. its a super nerdy question. i wonder if all the movies take place in the same universe. you know, like marvel comics. like, most disney stories take place in a different era or geographical location. the first film to chronologically take place is that damned 3D animation movie "Dinosaur" then followed by "The Emperors new groove"...or something.....maybe "Hurcules". the last flick in that order would be that poorly reviewed "Treasure Planet". Their films that take place in modern times like "Milo & Otis" or "Lilo & Stitch" are pretty much already chronologically done. I'm not too sure where Fantasia would take place, cause that is a bit harder to pin down.I think the only movie that wouldnt share the same universe would be "Chicken Little" since all they all live in a completely anthromorphic society. ok, thats it, i dont really feel like trying to arrange these movies into order. maybe later. here is my punk mickey's gang drawing. maybe i can expand on that. hmmm, okay, laterzzzz.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

new painting i did for mari's birthday. i was gonna do a straight up venture brothers thing, but then i just went crazy. and put whatever i wanted into it.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ladies print

a new print that a did a few weeks back, sorry for the poor picture quality, my scanner isn't hooked up yet. so you'll have to settle for my picture phone image.