Sunday, September 12, 2010

Disney as a cohesive universe

yeah so, i've been thinking lately about the disney animated movies. its a super nerdy question. i wonder if all the movies take place in the same universe. you know, like marvel comics. like, most disney stories take place in a different era or geographical location. the first film to chronologically take place is that damned 3D animation movie "Dinosaur" then followed by "The Emperors new groove"...or something.....maybe "Hurcules". the last flick in that order would be that poorly reviewed "Treasure Planet". Their films that take place in modern times like "Milo & Otis" or "Lilo & Stitch" are pretty much already chronologically done. I'm not too sure where Fantasia would take place, cause that is a bit harder to pin down.I think the only movie that wouldnt share the same universe would be "Chicken Little" since all they all live in a completely anthromorphic society. ok, thats it, i dont really feel like trying to arrange these movies into order. maybe later. here is my punk mickey's gang drawing. maybe i can expand on that. hmmm, okay, laterzzzz.

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