Monday, March 26, 2007

begin collection

its time ince again for me to take another stab at making a collection of comics. the first thing to do is look through my old stuff see what i can print as is, or see if i have to re-draw, or write anything. then i gotta think up some new stuff. best way to do that is sketch-sketchy-sketch-sketch.

re-hash from the past

as the thing that usally happens when i read new stuff, i get inspired. i FINALLY got wet moon by ross campbell. its awesome. he has such a great style. he has some of the best quiet scenes i've seen in a while, plus his pacing is great! also got a book by brandon graham, king city. super cool book and great comcepts. i really like how he did the layout and some of the placement of the semi-establishing shots anyway, this got me to thinking about my comtinuing characters that i will someday make a comic out of. i have diffrent ideas, and situations, but nothing that i think make a cohesive or compelling story. every thing i think of seems too cliche to me. oh well. i'll figure somthing out. in the mean time, here are said character critisizing me. (fuckers.)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

all she did was talk about ghosts

im currently working on a painting for my friend (it was her birth day not too long ago) it'll kinda look like this. i started it and i work on it a little every day. im trying a couple of diffrent things on this one. so, we'll see how the end result is.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


yeah, i havent done anything in a while. i'll fix this soon enough. maybe even later today.

in the mean time, here is a photo of he-man, orko, and skeletor circa 1984. enjoy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

space skulls

at first i was drawing skull heads, then i got the idea to put 'em in space.......

my print sketch.

after taking print making last semester i really liked some of the things i could do. i bought some extra linoleum pieces so i could maybe make, and sell some prints. i think this is gonna be the 1st one i do. it just kinda came to me. i dunno, i might change some things....but we'll see.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

sandwitches beware!!!!

african godess

yeah, so there is this water stain on the ceiling of our bathroom that looks like an african godess...i took a pic with my plaroid(im not hip enough for a digital camera) its harder to see cause of the flash, but i think you can still see her.

on side note: damn, i got pretty drunk yesterday. aaaaaaaaannd, i think i woke up kinda drunk too.

Monday, March 12, 2007

art trend

im trying to do diffrent stuff......artwise. i think its ok, but i need to add and remove some elements before i put it to good paper.

i will destroy tokyo.

no one can tell me when to drink!

gah, so by the request of my friend, singer, i stayed up, and we are totally drinking (its 9:27 in the a.m.) soooo...........i cant log onto my other blog, soooo this is my new one. i hope i can log back on to this one/\,