Monday, March 26, 2007

re-hash from the past

as the thing that usally happens when i read new stuff, i get inspired. i FINALLY got wet moon by ross campbell. its awesome. he has such a great style. he has some of the best quiet scenes i've seen in a while, plus his pacing is great! also got a book by brandon graham, king city. super cool book and great comcepts. i really like how he did the layout and some of the placement of the semi-establishing shots anyway, this got me to thinking about my comtinuing characters that i will someday make a comic out of. i have diffrent ideas, and situations, but nothing that i think make a cohesive or compelling story. every thing i think of seems too cliche to me. oh well. i'll figure somthing out. in the mean time, here are said character critisizing me. (fuckers.)

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