Saturday, January 31, 2009

ya know....makin' comics is hard...and scary. i mean i have tons of gag strips, continuing stories, on liners. its just putting em together. that is a daunting task. taking the time to compile years and years of sketchboooks sounds like fun.....but not really. i think i just need to do it and organize, get it over with. move on to new things. which i am doing. now with school and junk, that's gonna take a bit longer.
then, there is the online presence that i need to have. to survive in today's world you neeeed it. i need to get a good computer and a web site, and a store, and product for said store. so.... i guess I'm chugging along. working toward a goal years in the making. i suppose as long as i have some sort of dream and am still following it I'm not THAT much of a loser.