Thursday, October 28, 2010


here are some vector heads i designed for a book i'm designing! ya, gotta go to next class. peace out, boy scout!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Black Hammer

Here is a page for one of my characters, the Black Hammer. Obviously inspired by green lantern designs. He basically just smacks people around with hammers. FUN FOR ALL!!!!!! yeah. ok, laterzzz.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

lady head

An ink drawing I did last night. probably used for a chapter break or inside covers. Till next time, kids!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Machete... a film that grew out of one or the fake trailers that played on the Grindhouse flicks. when i saw the trailer i totally wished that it was real. fastforward a few years and here we are.
the movie does a good job of inserting all the scenes that were in the trailer. overall i did like the movie, but there was something missing and i cant put my finger on what it was. the movie was over the top... but i think i wanted it to be more over the top. i mean there were ridiculous things that i've never seen before, but it still felt like it was missing that final piece to make it truly awesome.
The cast in this was great. each player bringing their own style to the table, and its always fun to see actors go to town on dialouge like this. danny trejo is awesome as always and knows exactly what to do with it. he's like a mexican ron perlman!
there was alot of action in the film, however being a rodriguez flick i guess i was expecting more and that may be what IS missing. the whole story revolves around the border, fences,and mexicans. so there was alot of 'splainin' being done, so that may have been why the action was cut back a bit.
....i saw lindsy lohans breasts. which i wasn't expecting...buuuut i wasn't surprized either (not bad). it just seemed a bit like a last ditch effort twards her career revival. i did enjoy that she was willing to go all out, as it were, but slightly forced would be the opperative word.
all in all, i did have a good time, and laughed a whole bunch. of course thats with me being hispanic, and living in south Texas. i was able to get all the jokes. i just wonder how this played in a less hispanic audience...or if other viewers saw machete as a bad guy, with them rooting for the cops to kill all those trespassing mexicans.
So, this flick is recommended if youre in the mood for something a bit over the top & doesn't take its self too seriously.

P.S. OOOOHHH, i almost forgrot! my friend eddie was an extra in the film so every time i saw him in the background it was pretty hilarious. plus its a good drinking game!