Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

lady sludge

Felt I've been ignoring this here blog. soooo, i created a small comic. some victorian lady in a mask with sludge things. i dunno if this will continue. so yeah.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tiger Swagger

sorry about that last post whine fest. I'm feeling a tad bit better now. anyway, been looking at other peoples web comics, & they're using space on the screen awesome-ly. one is Blaise Larmee's 2001, and the other is Connor Willumsen's Blackhold. These things are amazing. so i decided to do my crappy version of one. Pretty "meh" about the results, but fuck it. we'll see how this goes.

Well, it's ok, but until i get damned photoshop it's gonna be all blocky like that. ah, well. soon. yeah.

these things come and go.


This is a whiney post.

sorry. (to continue.....)

just that, fuck. I think i'm too into this online thing. i just see everyone else's out put and it just... i don't know... I just don't feel that i'm there yet. I feel like my ideas are not defined enough, or that they're not good enough. too stupid. Or in the case of my more introspective stuff, just plain self indulgent. No one wants to read about that. But then again the old adage goes to make "art" for one's self. I dunno.

And Looking at these art comic kids, i feel like i can do that, but when i do it just seems juvenile.

GAH. anyway, don't disregard that up there, but also, don't pay it any attention. i know that all "artists" get like that. I'm just being a whiney bitch and sometimes i need to write this crap down. ugh.

we will soon be returning you to the regularly posted nonsense that is featured here.

These images posted here are from another tumblr site i started Masked models. it's just an excuse to cut up and draw on model pics. It's not gonna be a daily thing like my cromulent comix one, but pretty regular. was thinking of selling originals on etsy, but we'll see. anyway my rambling is done for today. i guess till next time.

at the last minute i decided to put a comic up. an oldie, but goodie.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Splatter, she said

Some old-ish paintings i did in front of a "live" studio audience.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cromulent Comix!

I just started a Tumblr account; Cromulent Comix!. I didn't wanna leave this here blog, buuuut I did want to mess with the Tumblr. So, my solution was to make it with a different purpose than this blog. After thinking about it, i decided to make it about comic book panels. highlighting the work of different artists & their various works. On some I'll comment on others not so much. stop by if you have the chance, or follow if you're on the tumblr.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

drippy ladies, drippy everything!

Part of a new comic page, not sure where it's going, but it looks like i'm texting.

Monday, March 14, 2011

over size

yeah, a one page comic. color pencil & inks.

work in progress

today on my day off, i cranked out a few pages. finished thumbnails, and penciled all of the 1st part of my comic, i also inked a few more pages. kinda tired now, so taking a short break. gonna read some, get inspired, go back at it. normally i'd be most pumped about the inks, but now i'm getting more excited about the color. so, hope to get to that after every thing has been inked.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Doktor will see you now.

This was a kind of study for a page. I was just swiping images from this Dr. Spektor book. Just working some things out. i want to keep steady postings almost daily, so sometimes it'll be drawings, other times thoughts and reviews. I got the comics journal #300, and it's got some good interviews, articles, & reviews. With spring break here i'll be able to read most of it and read Flourescent Black & Driven by lemons. i kinda wanna post thoughts on those, but we'll see... ok, good night to all.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Miss maf, naked sketches

a one page comic i did a bit ago. i dunno, just messing with putting in a quick tale in a one page format. i have a few different attempts at this, I'll post those, i'm sure. the other page on here is a page of sketches on girls. they're one of my favorite subjects. Been busy with school, but i have three pages of my comic pencilled, and i'm gonna try to do at least two more tonight. yeah, that's it for me.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Characters vile and weird

Some character designs for my comic, probably gonna be bad guys, but ya never know. ok, been busy with school, just applied for graduation to get my associates degree... well, the first one, anyway.
ok, try to post soon.