Friday, September 17, 2010

werewolf women

been working on some more art stuff. getting in the groove (as lame as THAT sounds.)the idea for the above piece came pretty quickly and was executed fairly quickly too. i would have been doent that night, but had to go to work. anywhooo.
I still need to see Machete to bask in its mexploitational glory (side note: mexploitation is a damn fine word.) not to mention the expendables. sigh, so many bad movies so little time. DannyTrejo is one of those actors where any time he's in a movie you just smile a bit. In Predators he was one of the best parts. The best part being Laurence Fishburns.
Thiking i'm gonna make my halloween costume this year. i have an idea floating around in my head, but we'll see if i have the time or the skill to execute it.
Tonight i'll be doing some live art while my friends DJ at a local coffee shop, Olmos Perk. not sure what i'm gonna paint yet, but i'll figure it out.
ok, enough rambling, gotta go.
ah, but before i do, i'll leave this video up. It's from Of Montreal, and their new single "Couquet Couquete" the whole album is good, you should check it out.

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