Saturday, December 17, 2011


Ryan Cecil Smith's SF Supplementary File #2!
...Get it? Holidays.... Holi-DAZE!?!
Fine, be that way.
Anyway, again, sorry for the lack of posts. I'm still shooting for daily, but things have been coming up in real life, so yeah. (Link post)
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Anyway, The big Brooklyn comics & graphics fest was a few weeks ago. It sounds like an awesome thing to attend. Some cool stuff came out, and with this being the holiday and all, I thought I'd give you insight on the stuff I want to buy after I get tons of X-mas cash.
First thing is the entire output of Retrofit comics! The indie publisher (run by Box Brown) is releasing a title a month for about sixteen months or so. Everything released so far looks pretty great!
Next up is a bunch of comics by Ryan Cecil Smith. Smith currently lives in Japan, & is heavily influenced by manga, but gives it his own spin. The books seem worth it for the Zip-a-tone alone! The SF Supplementary File is a fan comic of Galaxy Express, and it looks great!
Ryan is part of the Closed Caption Comics, a group of creators who do their own thing. Very art comix. I got #9 of their anthology, pretty different stuff, but all in all a nice package.
Drippy Bone Books is putting out a new book, "You Will All Die in Pain" by Derek M. Ballard, who has a neat angular style. I've seen his work on Tumblr, and possibly elsewhere ( maybe an anthology?), and I really loved it.
Picture Box has a bunch of stuff from the above mentioned BCGF. They also have Cold Heat Comics. I got the 1st issue a while back, and I really liked it. Frank Santoro, the author knows ton about comic book making, and he uses color in interesting ways.
Chameleon is an anthology headlined by Jonny Negron & Jesse Balmer. I got the 1st one of these, and it was awesome. Second one is out now, & it looks equally as awesome. It was printed by Ryan Sands, who heads up the Electric Ant Zine, another comix anthology (which is also on the get list).
Even more anthology goodness comes all the way from Latvia! With the book Kus! they have a bunch in the series, and I want them all. However, the newest one features all female creators. With all the people complaining about no women in super hero comics, they should really take a look at all other comics. There are a ton of great creators of both genders.
Oh, a quick last one I should go into more is Nobrow press & Nobrow #6! A cool flipbook anthology!
Okay, there are probably more things, but lunch beckons! Another good place to look for cool stuff is Quimby's Book Store, they have cool stuff coming out of their pores!

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