Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Geof Darrow's Simpsons

Geof Darrow is a comic book artist. One of the greatest most detailed comic book artist ever! His pages are just jam packed with info, violence, and funny moments. You can come back to a page and notice things you never saw before. He's done 'Hard Boiled' and 'Big Guy & Rusty the boy robot' with Frank Miller, and his own creation 'Shaolin Cowboy'. You should totally go and read them! There is a tumblr showcasing his work here: Bourbon Thret.
I scanned this piece into tumblr today cause New Feelings was looking for it, and I just happened to see those comics recently.
This is a pin-up that was done for The Simpsons Tree House of Horror #4. Just look in awe of the massive narrative that is taking place. It is insane and fantastic. So, go buy his books it's a visual journey you won't forget!

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