Friday, July 8, 2011

Lawrence Talbot the Wolfman

So, I finally got to see 'The Wolfman' and I liked it. I love the old Universal Monsters, so I may be biased. The film looks great has a very Universal/Hammer feel to it. Lots of smoke and grey toned sets. The costumes are great. The CGI is okay, there are some time where it looks good... and other times not so much. But really they aren't that bad. I did like all the actors. Benicio DelToro is a favorite, some of the emotional scenes, I felt could have been better. Anthony Hopkins kinda acted on auto pilot, but i still liked his performance. Emily blunt was good, maybe she could have had more to do? Hugo Weaving is always a good villain. The ending was a bit... meh. They leave elements open for a sequel, that's being done a bit too much these days, but all in all I had a fun time. So, yeah, recommended.

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