Saturday, May 21, 2011

This is mostly textual

So, school is done for the semester. Not gonna take any summer classes. My portfolio review went really well. I was a bit shocked. I've made the decision to go to Texas State after this last semester, sooooooooo, we'll see how I'm gonna pay for that. I've been submiting pieces to a few different blog sites, I know one is being posted on wednesday, but I've yet to hear from the others. I'll link to it on the day. I'm really itching to desing a new book, still need to send out the last one out to Quimby's books, see if I can sell any there. Trying to crank out some drawings too. AAAAAAAAND I'm starting designs for a website. So, yeah summer of Carlos type things. EXCITING!!!!!!!! (oh, yeah almost forgot. i also got my Associates, whatever THAT means)

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