Wednesday, February 23, 2011

urban girlz

I have internet now. huzzah! More of these posts! No wait... don't LEAVE!

Anyway. I was at the local head shop, Planet K, and looking around, i stumbled upon this book by Howard Huang. looked it up and found a crazy awesome deal on amazon. It's a beautiful book, and his work reminds me of my favorite photographer, david LaChapelle. Highly recommend it! It came in today, and i decided to do a drawing based off one of his photos. I chose this one 'cause I've drawn legs like that in many drawings before because i like quick sweeping lines.

originally I was just gonna do it in pencil, but i just couldn't help my self, the curves needed to be inked! I feel like I could have made the face look better, but all in all i do like it. It was a fun quick exercise. maybe at some point I'll add color or something. any way, there ya go!

pencils and inks:

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